The Emotion Code book review

The Emotion Code is a self-help book written by holistic physician, lecturer, and founder of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson. This book is divided into four parts. Part I introduces the concept of trapped emotions—emotions from our past that are not completely processed and become trapped within the physical body.… Continue reading The Emotion Code book review

Sadness and Disappointment

Yesterday was “Students as Teachers Day.” My eight-year-old won the raffle and got to be Mrs. P for half the day. Well, she had high expectations, and sadly, those expectations were not met. She came home from school and buried her head in my lap. She didn’t get to actually “teach” anything. She just walked… Continue reading Sadness and Disappointment

Sadness, Depression, Anger, and the Devil

We are back. After the summer-end travels, the back to school flurry, and the long-expected funeral, we are back to starting our daily routines again. I now have the oldest four in school, and just to the two youngest at home. Amidst the whirlwind of the past few weeks, there were lots of emotions passing… Continue reading Sadness, Depression, Anger, and the Devil

Getting Nowhere with Sadness

Yesterday, my oldest was quite grouchy. She was snappy and short and fierce. I couldn’t figure out why. I got no guidance on it. Toward the end of the day, I was losing patience. “What’s going on?” I asked her. “Why are you having such a hard time today?” She complained about her sisters being… Continue reading Getting Nowhere with Sadness