Even a Third Grader Can Do It

My third grader came home yesterday in a great mood. She was so pleasant and excited. They had made bat caves at school, and she said, “It was the best day ever.” So I was very perplexed when, a few hours later, she was very grouchy and grumpy after going to the store with her… Continue reading Even a Third Grader Can Do It

Carrying Emotions (from the Web!)

Last summer, I logged onto the Reddit website and began scanning through some of the forums. I wanted to know what people were doing to help themselves in their emotions. I looked at the sadness forum, the anger section, the anxiety group, and the depression category. I read through quite a few people’s posts and… Continue reading Carrying Emotions (from the Web!)

Carrying Emotions and How to Give Them Back

I love the subject of carrying other people’s emotions. And no, I’m not talking about being empathetic and helping others carry their burdens. This topic of carrying other’s emotions is simple and easy. That’s why I love it. Have you ever gone to the store feeling fine, and then come home super grumpy? I have!… Continue reading Carrying Emotions and How to Give Them Back