“Hold Me Tight” Book Review

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love is a couples therapy book written by Dr. Sue Johnson, a clinical psychologist and developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This book focuses on the love relationship as an attachment bond and addresses how partners can become more emotionally receptive and responsive to their loved… Continue reading “Hold Me Tight” Book Review

Heart Intelligence Book Review

“[O]ur attitudes, emotions and intentions matter and can affect all life on Earth and . . .  coherent, cooperative intent could impact global events and improve the quality of life on Earth” said Doc Childre, co-author of Heart Intelligence, founder of HeartMath, and global authority on optimizing human performance (Heart Intelligence,136). That is the basis… Continue reading Heart Intelligence Book Review

The Emotion Code book review

The Emotion Code is a self-help book written by holistic physician, lecturer, and founder of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson. This book is divided into four parts. Part I introduces the concept of trapped emotions—emotions from our past that are not completely processed and become trapped within the physical body.… Continue reading The Emotion Code book review

Are You a Real Superhero? Book Series

Not long ago, I realized the best way to teach my children about emotions' messages would be through pictures and stories. It sure was tough trying to explain abstract, complex concepts to my six-year-old about boundaries! PROBLEM: Children learn best by having visual pictures and images to help them understand complex concepts. But there isn't… Continue reading Are You a Real Superhero? Book Series

The Language of Emotions book review  

One of the biggest turning points in my life of Emotion work was when Allison recommended The Language of Emotions to me, by Karla McLaren. Allison prefaced it with something I wrote on a little notecard and stuck in my kitchen: “Emotions are messengers to you.” This was a completely foreign concept to me. Emotions… Continue reading The Language of Emotions book review