Online Course Preview

If you click on the Online Course button, it will take you to the Everyday Emotions Academy–the location of my course. It offers free preview of the introduction of the course, but you have to have an account on the website. I didn’t like that option, and wanted you to be able to preview the lessons without needing to sign up for an account. So the lessons are below. Check them out, and if you’d like more, then you can get an account on the site, purchase the course, and gain the tools you need to access the transformative power of your negative emotions.



Welcome to the Emotions 101 Course. When you have completed this material, you will be able to consciously and successfully process through your negative emotions to create a fulfilling, progressive life.

Specifically, you will be able to

  • Identify what negative emotions you are feeling.
  • Know what messages they are bringing to you.
  • Discern what action(s) to take to release the emotions.
  • Uproot unhealthy beliefs that stem the negative emotions.

My aim is to get you from point A to Point B as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Course Objective

But what if I don’t want to learn how to process my negative emotions?  you might be thinking. What if I just want them to go away so I don’t feel them any more?

Every single emotion you experience has a purpose and is vital for you to experience an enriching life–especially your negative ones. These uncomfortable emotions are crucial for you to break down blocks that are holding you back from progressing and living the life you want. It is not possible to eradicate them–and once you learn more about them, you’ll understand why you wouldn’t want to.

Karla McLaren, author of The Language of Emotions, said, “If you can learn to focus and work honorably with the incredible information inside each of your [emotions], you can become intimately connected to the source of your intelligence, you can hear the deepest parts of yourself, and you can heal your most profound wounds. If you can learn to see your emotions as tools of your deepest awareness, you’ll be able to move forward as a whole and functional person” (The Language of Emotions, p.3).

That’s what this course is going to teach you how to do. 

If you are on medication, remain on it. If you are seeing a counselor or therapist, continue your work there. Let the following information add to the resources you are currently using, to give a greater understanding of emotions in your life and help bring wholeness to your soul.

Course Overview

This course is divided into four modules. Each module builds upon the first, so I encourage you to go in the order the course is designed to follow. However, I’ve kept the lessons unlocked so that if you need to skip to a further lesson for clarification, or to satiate curiosity, you can. If you want to get the most out of this course, and if you want to complete it feeling successful at processing your negative emotions in a healthy way, dedicate some time to following the course as designed.

The first module teaches the two healthy foundational principles of negative emotions. This creates the foundation, and provides a few activities, to help prepare you for the next module.

The second module describes emotions and their job in detail. This information is needed for when you go through the steps explained in the third module to help you process your emotions.

The third module explains the four steps to working through your emotions. These lessons present the steps you can now take because you understand the first module and you know the specifics of emotions presented in the second module. It also prepares you to be able to accomplish the fourth module successfully.

The fourth, and final, module dives deeper to help reveal unhealthy beliefs surfacing in your emotions. This is where the blocks hindering your success will disappear; this is where the ultimate, deep healing of the soul occurs. If you’ve created a healthy foundation for understanding your negative emotions (Module 1), are familiar with their purpose (Module 2), and know the steps to take to get to this point (Module 3), then you are ready to do the work to leave behind unhealthy, limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

And if you have any questions along the way, you can reach out to me at

The course is originally $145, but is now only $30!