Getting Nowhere with Sadness

Yesterday, my oldest was quite grouchy. She was snappy and short and fierce. I couldn’t figure out why. I got no guidance on it. Toward the end of the day, I was losing patience. “What’s going on?” I asked her. “Why are you having such a hard time today?” She complained about her sisters being… Continue reading Getting Nowhere with Sadness

Are You a Real Superhero? Book Series

Not long ago, I realized the best way to teach my children about emotions' messages would be through pictures and stories. It sure was tough trying to explain abstract, complex concepts to my six-year-old about boundaries! PROBLEM: Children learn best by having visual pictures and images to help them understand complex concepts. But there isn't… Continue reading Are You a Real Superhero? Book Series

Anger and a Surprising Motivation

This morning, my child #3 sat in the chair child #1 had previously been sitting in. #1 noticed, and immediately felt violated. She stormed over to #3. “#3! That’s my chair! Move please!” Of course, #3 didn’t. So #1 sat on it and tried pushing her off. Lots of screaming and yelling and “I was… Continue reading Anger and a Surprising Motivation