Wakeup Wednesday 1.7

The law of vibration states that everything vibrates. You vibrate. Your heart vibrates. Your lungs vibrate. Your brain vibrates. Every living thing emits vibrations. If you want to live in a higher state of vibration, surround yourself with higher frequency gifts--such as high vibrational foods, media, friends, and thoughts. Want to know what one of… Continue reading Wakeup Wednesday 1.7

Feeling the Feelings

With easy access, instant gratification, and the abundance of things in the world today, it is easy to fall into a pattern of hastening to remove any discomfort that befalls us. Often times, that might mean using food to alleviate emotional distress, or medications to relieve physical pain, exercise to lessen mental anguish, or even… Continue reading Feeling the Feelings

Wakeup Wednesday 1.6

"Most people do not realize the many health benefits of gratitude. Studies indicate that thankfulness is directly linked to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Compared to people who do not live a lifestyle of thankfulness, research shows that grateful people: Experience higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy.Experience less depressionBetter manage stressAre… Continue reading Wakeup Wednesday 1.6

“Hold Me Tight” Book Review

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love is a couples therapy book written by Dr. Sue Johnson, a clinical psychologist and developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This book focuses on the love relationship as an attachment bond and addresses how partners can become more emotionally receptive and responsive to their loved… Continue reading “Hold Me Tight” Book Review

Wakeup Wednesday 1.3

Would you like to see your blessings more clearly? Would you like to recognize God's goodness in your life? Would you like to feel happier? Welcome to Wakeup Wednesday. Wakeup Wednesday is all about changing your perspective on life by creating Your Personalized List of Blessings. Each week we are taking another step toward waking… Continue reading Wakeup Wednesday 1.3

“Trapped Emotions” Interview with Emotion Code Worker Kayleigh Searle

I am so excited to introduce Kayleigh Searle onto my blog today. Kayleigh is a certified Emotion Code worker and has a clear depth of understanding about trapped emotions that she is going to share with you! The following interview with Kayleigh shares her insight and knowledge of trapped emotions--how they occur in our past… Continue reading “Trapped Emotions” Interview with Emotion Code Worker Kayleigh Searle