Are Emotions the Bad Guys?

Are your emotions the villain in your life? Or are they your sidekick?

It’s easy to view our negative emotions as “the bad guys.” And it’s even easier to wish we didn’t feel them.

But is it possible that they might actually be helping you, rather than making you miserable?


YOUR very own negative emotions are your own super-power sidekick to help you fight your battles!

How do they do this?

Well, your emotion’s job is to reveal to you unhealthy beliefs that you subconsciously maintain and live by. And when you feel your emotion, name it, discern its message, and act on it, you get to break down those faulty belief structures and create better, healthy, and true ones.

That means your negative emotions are messengers to you telling you something specific that you need to do in the situation that you are in–and by acting on that message, you are freed from the chains that bind you to the negative beliefs running in your system.

Together, you and your sidekick emotions, can work together to conquer the TRUE villains in your life.

And YOU can be successful and victorious.

(Next week’s post will give you the FOUR STEPS you can take to using your negative emotions–those amazing sidekicks–to help you transform your life. Stay tuned!)

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