Wakeup Wednesday 1.7

The law of vibration states that everything vibrates. You vibrate. Your heart vibrates. Your lungs vibrate. Your brain vibrates. Every living thing emits vibrations.

If you want to live in a higher state of vibration, surround yourself with higher frequency gifts–such as high vibrational foods, media, friends, and thoughts.

Want to know what one of the highest vibrational feelings is?


Gratitude is one of the most powerful and highest vibrational feelings. Therefore, as you work toward expressing gratitude, feeling it in your heart, and acknowledging the blessings you have in your life, you are raising your own vibrational frequency.

Wakeup Wednesday is about helping you achieve a higher frequency by creating

Your Personalized List of Blessings.

Each week we are taking another step toward waking up to seeing the good that is in our lives. We are opening our eyes to finding the abundance of blessings and beauty we have every single day. We are awakening the gratitude within us to help us see that right here, right now, we have what we need.

Join us!

Grab a notebook to keep your record . . . or grab your phone and make the list your desktop . . . or grab a notecard and stick it on your bathroom mirror, but keep this list somewhere you will see it often, and where it will be protected. Showing reverence and respect for your gifts and blessings is part of giving gratitude for them!

Every Wednesday, I post a challenge to list FIVE things you are grateful for. But not just any five things . . . these five things need to fit the criteria for that day’s challenge.

And today’s challenge is:

List 5 people or relationships from your past that you are grateful for.

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