“Trapped Emotions” Interview with Emotion Code Worker Kayleigh Searle

I am so excited to introduce Kayleigh Searle onto my blog today. Kayleigh is a certified Emotion Code worker and has a clear depth of understanding about trapped emotions that she is going to share with you!

The following interview with Kayleigh shares her insight and knowledge of trapped emotions–how they occur in our past and remain with us (and bother us!) until we find them and release them. Trapped emotions can be the triggers to many uncomfortable emotions in our day-to-day interactions.

Kayleigh with brown eyes and brown hair smiling.
Kayleigh Searle

Tell me about yourself and your family.

My name is Kayleigh Searle. My husband Randy is a family chiropractor in Shelley, ID. We have 3 wonderful boys 6, 4, and 1. I call our family “kind of crunchy” as we try our best to live a holistic life! You can find me on Facebook or instagram – Kayleigh Searle EC or @kindacrunchykayleigh.

How do you explain trapped emotions?

We all experience emotions. It is an integral part of being a human being! Many of us, though, have labeled some emotions as bad and some as good. We don’t want to feel those “bad” emotions like anger, fear, overwhelm, worry, anxiety, sadness, etc. so well…we don’t. We push them down and say, “Maybe another day.” This soon becomes our emotional baggage. Instead of feeling the emotions, asking them why they are there and what are they trying to tell us, we avoid and neglect. But they have to go somewhere. Those emotions are energy and when the energy becomes trapped, we experience blockages or interruptions in communication with our brain and our body.

Sometimes we are in situations where we may not have time or space to feel these emotions. For example, in the beginning of 2018, I was having many many thoughts or promptings that it was time to add a child to our family. Wouldn’t you know, we got pregnant quite easily and excitedly in June. In July, we joined my husband’s parents and siblings for a family reunion. Day three into the reunion, I started spotting. Having experienced miscarriages before, I knew the inevitable was coming.

Why here? 

Why now? 

We had plenty of activities planned and extensive travel and I just knew I couldn’t give these emotions the time and space that they truly deserved. Feelings of failure, sadness, grief, pain, overwhelm, discouragement, embarrassment, feeling like a burden to others, etc. I was heartbroken but I couldn’t do anything about it. All I wanted was to stay in bed and cry and give those feelings the attention they deserved. I yearned to go home but our vacation had just begun. So I put a smile on my face and pushed through.

After returning home, I had no desire to do anything. No desire to be a mother to the children I already have. No desire to get out of bed, shower, or talk to anybody. No desire to housekeep or help with my husband’s business. I had no desire to grow as a person or push myself to find my purpose. I was numb. I was stuck.

Luckily, I have an incredible team of family, friends, energy workers and healers behind me. We quickly got to work finding these trapped emotions, acknowledging them and then releasing them. They were addressed and validated and I found purpose. I found healing. I found desire to help others just as I was being helped.

How did you first learn about trapped emotions?

[The summer of 2018] was not my first experience finding and releasing trapped emotions. I was first introduced to the Emotion Code and energy work in 2015. After reading the book and finding a practitioner, I was probably having sessions done every 2-3 months. Growing, learning and understanding more as I worked through years of neglected emotions. I am now a certified Emotion Code practitioner and use techniques like muscle testing, intuition and meditation to help others heal as well. I believe that everyone has trapped emotions. I believe you can even be born with trapped emotions (but that might be a post for another day. 😉 ). Many of us do not realize that our illnesses (mental or physical), feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and more may all be caused by trapped emotions in our body. They can affect us daily or they may resurface after a triggering event. My husband is a chiropractor and there are some times that an adjustment won’t hold or even release because there’s a trapped emotion causing a disruption. I find that so fascinating!

How do you actually release trapped emotions? (Is it going to be uncomfortable and bring up things I don’t want to remember or feel from my past?)

Feeling [difficult emotions] and pulling them up to the surface can sometimes be daunting and hard work. “It’s hard to feel the feels” as one of my energy working friends says. I believe though that [releasing trapped emotions] is almost a shortcut to traditional therapy as we don’t have to talk and find the issues, taking many sessions to address one feeling or emotion. Through muscle testing, we find the emotion, ask (our subconscious) if we need to know more in order to release, and then we release that emotion and it’s free to go. Most people release anywhere from 10-20 trapped emotions in one session! And when you are able to release these trapped emotions, you are able to find freedom.

How has your life changed because of releasing trapped emotions?

I feel lighter, I feel free from mind clutter and overwhelm, and I feel like my heart has grown ten sizes. I am able to give more and be more. I have felt increased physical and mental health. I have learned better emotional regulation and how to “deal” with those “bad” emotions. Those emotions aren’t bad. As Brittney has shared in previous posts, they are messengers. I have been able to teach my children and others how to be aware and how to process emotions better. I have been able to see myself as I truly am and find my purpose. Oh how I wish everyone could feel this way.

Thank you Kayleigh for sharing with us and helping us learn more about emotion work and how to progress to becoming more balanced and emotionally competent.

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