How to Achieve ALL Your Resolutions This Year

We are already half way through the first month of 2019, and resolutions are either looking pretty good or have fallen by the wayside. Wherever your’s are, I want you to imagine that this year, the year of 2019, is the year you accomplish all your goals.

Yes. Every last one of them. From making more income to losing a few pounds to feeling more peace and joy . . . the list goes on. You can reach every one of those if you are willing to upgrade your New Year’s Resolutions by adding one more.

Make a resolution to “Learn Emotion Work.”

Say what? I don’t even know what emotion work is . . . you might be thinking.

The preface to emotion work is this: understand that your emotions are trying to tell you something you need to do.

And the sweat and grime to emotion work is this: figure out what the action item is and then do it!

So why add this to your already full list of 2019 giant To-Do’s?

Learning emotion work is a simple way to catalyst yourself into the life you want to have.

It really is an easy, simple thing. All you need to do to be a successful emotion worker of your own emotions is internalize the four pillars of emotion work: Messengers. Hints. Questions. And Offspring.

  1. Emotions are messengers that are telling you something you need to do. (Check out this post here for more explanation on that.)
  2. Each emotion has a few hints to give you context to the message you are looking for.
  3. Each emotion has a couple questions to help you discover said message you need to act on.
  4. All emotions are simply offspring of a few main parent motions. So you are really only focusing on three main emotions, rather than every single emotion that’s been given a name. (Check out this post here to learn more about this.)

Emotion work is also simple and easy because you can do it any time and anywhere. You don’t need to schedule an appointment and pay a copay. You can do it while you’re driving or waiting in line at the store or even at the drive thru. And once you’ve worked through that uncomfortable emotion, it has done its job and it will leave, allowing you to be in peace.

Nothing feels better than the night and day difference of feeling intense anger (or even subtle frustration) in one moment, and then the absence of that anger accompanied by joy and contentment.

The process for this doesn’t take long to do, and with practice, it gets faster too. You can do it!!!

But wait, you need another reason to learn emotion work?

No problem.

Learning emotion work will improve your quality of life.

Once you have learned how to work with your uncomfortable emotions, life will be better. The uncomfortable emotions that you feel every-so-often will not last as long–only long enough for you to recognize the message they are bringing to you and for you to take action. Then they will leave! No more days and days and weeks and weeks of suffering through them.

And because of this, your relationships will improve too! Can you imagine how happy my husband was when I finally learned how to work through my emotions?!? He loved me before, but there was always a strain when I was slipping up and down and all over in emotions. The instability was brutal.

But now, I don’t hold grudges, I don’t flip-flop or plummet into depression, and I’m not so difficult to be around anymore. Our relationship is so much healthier and happier.

My relationship with my children is completely different too. Whereas before, when I was glum and down, I became emotionally unavailable for them. I felt absent in their lives, though my body was present with them.

But now, when I start to feel that way, it only lasts until I work through it (which is as soon as I have a quiet moment to ponder and get the work done!), and then I am back, available and fully present in the moment with them.

Learning emotion work has even helped me in my relationships beyond my home. It has improved my stability and confidence, and my understanding of myself, which allows me to be a better friend, to lift others, and to reciprocate love in healthy relationships.

But how will all of this actually help you achieve your resolutions this year?

Because as you do emotion work, you will shed unhealthy, limiting beliefs.

Woot! Woot! This is the best part!

This is the big kahuna as to why you will really be able to achieve your goals this year, because, really-truly, the things that hold you back from realizing your desires are those unhealthy, limiting beliefs.

You know–the ones that make you feel inside, “I’ll never be good enough.” Or “If I change too much, people won’t love me anymore.” Or “I am unworthy of love and acceptance no matter what I do.” The ones that you subconsciously live by and subconsciously try to actualize because they reside within you.

Yuck. Get those outta there.

Discarding limiting beliefs will allow you to progress like you never have before. And our emotions help us uncover those faulty beliefs so we can let them go and achieve what we were meant to reach.

That is why you need to learn emotion work this year.

Add “Learn Emotion Work” to your 2019 resolutions because YOU DESERVE IT! Listening to your emotions is a way to respect yourself and treat yourself right. And you should be treated that way.

It’s a simple process, it will better your life, and it will help you shed faulty, limiting beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life you want.

So get it on your list and start here.

Now is the time to take it on and try it out. Change your life. This is the year. This is it!

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