Week 4 of Finding Joy

Here we are now–at Week Four of #LightTheWorld. If you participated in this, then you joined thousands of others who started out with Week One and lit the world globally, reaching out to donate, give, and help others across continents and countries. For Week Two, we moved within our local communities, serving at food banks, visiting assisted living centers, and sharing with neighbors. With Week Three, we turned inward toward our own families, mending relationships with siblings or parents, writing letters or making phone calls of gratitude, and extending forgiveness to those who are closest to us.

And now we are here: Week Four. Week Four is about pondering and realizing that as we turn to our Savior, Jesus Christ, we can find true peace and happiness. As we follow His example and His word, we can have joy.

Sure, we will still have ups and downs. We will still remain mortals on earth enduring through trials and tribulations. We will still experience uncomfortable emotions. But amidst all of this, we can hold strong to the knowledge that we can be forgiven of our mistakes, our faults, and our imperfections. We can try again. And we can find worth and love and strength and hope in the One who knows us perfectly.

This priceless gift is available all year round, for anyone who wants it.

This week, reach out, believe it, follow Jesus Christ, and light your faith within.

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