Week 3 of Finding Joy

Are you finding joy this holiday season?

Perhaps, more importantly, are you bringing joy to others this holiday season?

I hope you’ve been participating in #LightTheWorld where one by one we light the world with service, love, charity, and joy. Week One started us with reaching out globally–donating to clean water for families in areas that don’t have any, sharing money to purchase farm animals to feed others across the oceans and countries, or even helping buy wheelchairs for individuals who are in need.

Imagine how fierce the earth’s light would shine if we all did one small act of service across the globe?!?

Week Two turned our efforts to our community. Did you serve at a food bank? Visit a nursing home? Write thank you’s to local service-people? What kind of community would you be living in if everyone in your city or town stepped forward to do one act of service in the area?

If you haven’t participated globally or locally, it’s okay! It’s not too late! There’s no time limit to serve. Just start now!

And if you want to start with Week Three, that’s totally fine too! Week Three is all about lighting our family–serving within your own home.

You can call a long-distant sibling, write a love letter to a parent, teach your children something you learned from your grandparents, and if you need more ideas, this website has some great ones! I especially love the idea to learn more about your ancestors!

I know that one way to set aside our disappointments, frustrations, and fears is to serve. I’ve watched my girls work together on chores and jobs as we earned money to donate to families during Week One, and I’ve felt the peace. I’ve seen the smiles on their faces and felt their happiness as we caroled for the Salvation Army bell ringing during Week Two. I’ve watched as we mingled with tenants of a nursing home, and I have felt the joy within my soul.

We can find joy in serving others.

What will you do to find joy this week?

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