Need Some Joy?

How are you feeling today? Overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of this time of year? Perhaps you are feeling sad–having hopes and dreams of what this season will bring, but knowing it will be different. Maybe you are irritated that you can’t get as much done as you would like . . .? Or are you excited for the next few weeks of Christmas preparation?

PROBLEM: Holidays can bring a lot of emotions. And that’s frustrating when we just want to enjoy the season!

Whatever you are feeling now, is there room for more joy? I know I can always use more joy in my life! And one way I am able to leave my cares for a time is by serving others.

I love the #LightTheWorld campaign–to light the world with service globally, locally, and in our own homes. They encourage us to give of our time, talents, energies, and efforts to help lift others.

Week One of the initiative is to serve globally. Click here to go to the website to get great ideas! You can donate to a charity that gives people clean water to drink, share a positive story on social media of how someone served you, donate to a charity that provides wheelchairs to people in need, give away a pair of old glasses, etc. On this website, you can also download a calendar with suggestions of ways to serve.

SOLUTION: Serve others! Reach out and find some way to help God’s children at a global level.

My little family decided to do this. Last Sunday evening, we discussed over a candle-lit table (to set the mood–and keep the little ones’ attention), how we could serve globally. Each child pledged to earn a certain amount of money this week to donate to buying a goat and two chickens for a family in Africa. Or maybe three ducks and a goat . . . or five rabbits . . . or maybe seven fruit trees . . . or school supplies . . . okay, okay, we didn’t quite decide on what we were going to do. But that discussion will happen next Sunday evening when we combine the money the girls have earned with how much hubby and I are contributing, and then we’ll see what we get to share with others clear across the world.

Will you take on the challenge? Test it out. See if it helps you feel more joy inside. And if you know someone who could use a lift too, share this with them. Serve together! Tell me what you’re going to do, and go do it!

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