INHERITED: Eye Color, Body Shape, Diseases, and Emotions!

How much do you know about your ancestors? Do you know the names of your great, great grandparents? Have you ever seen their pictures? Read their journals? Or heard their stories?

I love discovering my people: the ones who had lives as real and complicated as my own, who laughed and cried and grew and sacrificed and created the life for me that I have now. Like my third great grandfather who traveled across the United States to start a family in Utah, who would then have children that later moved to Idaho. I am here because of them! How grateful I am to them!

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This is Leah–daughter of my great, great, grandfather. She was born in 1887 in Lehi, Utah.

I love family history, and I do most of my research in and I have names and dates of people spanning back into the 1700’s and spreading all the way over to England. And I am currently waiting for my DNA sample which will reveal the origins of those people as well. I find it fascinating. It gives me a sense of connection and strength to get to know these individuals.

This DNA sample will also give me information about the kinds of diseases and ailments that have run through my line. Perhaps ones that I am passing on to my own children.

But do you know what the DNA report won’t give me? It won’t give me a list of emotions that I received from my ancestors.

Did you know that happens?

It does.

Just like we pass down our DNA to our posterity, we also pass down emotions that we haven’t worked through.

(Perhaps this is why we say depression can be genetic???)

Dr. Bradley Nelson, in his book The Emotion Code, calls these “inherited trapped emotions.” He says it’s a common thing that occurs in everyone. I have found many, many inherited trapped emotions in myself. I’m pretty sure you have some too.

PROBLEM: We not only have to deal with our own emotions, but we have to deal with the ones our ancestors passed down to us too!

That’s a lot of work!

But really, it’s not. It’s quite easy to track those emotions down and get rid of them. Even before you experience them!

The Emotion Code is a valuable book in learning how to do this. This can help you become independent in dealing with your emotions.

But sometimes, it’s easier to let someone help you out. Contact me for a list of certified Emotion Code workers who can help you clear that extra baggage out so you can focus doing your own emotion work, and not the emotion work of your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother.

Sorry, Grams. I love you, but it’s gotta go.

SOLUTION: Find those inherited trapped emotions and clear them out. Or find a certified Emotion Code worker and let them do it for you.

Basically, if you want to improve your life, you’ve got to simplify your emotions. You don’t need to deal with the emotions from your great ancestor who lived destitute of basic needs (inherited trapped emotions). And you don’t need to deal with the emotions from your neighbor down the street (carrying emotions). You just need to work with your’s!

Clearing out inherited trapped emotions is painless and easy. And it’s surprising the emotional load that it lifts! Get the book. Do the work. And feel better.

In the mean time, think about those who came before you. Check out this amazing, free website and do some research. Fill in all the living names you know, and then search for the next deceased ancestor. Browse the “Memories” and see if there are any stories or pictures. These people are part of us—more than we know.

Discover more about you!

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This is a seven generation fan chart of my fourth great grandfather, showing names, dates, and birth countries.

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