Moldy Leftovers and How Your Emotions Tell You it’s Time to Throw Them Out

Do you dread cleaning out the fridge? I do!

It was one drizzly, fall day that I finally brought myself to purge the fridge. Container after jar after baggie, I pulled out moldy leftovers. I chucked the unidentifiable contents into a giant ziploc bag for the trashcan, and tossed the dirty containers into the dishwasher.

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Maybe I could pay one of my kids to do this for me next time . . .

It was a disgusting, almost traumatic, experience. But when I was finally done, the fridge looked amazing. It was practically emitting light it felt so happy to be clean.

And that’s when I realized it.

We are like fridges.


Fridges. Fridges, living day to day, yet storing old moldy food, letting it take up room and weigh us down.

PROBLEM: We let things from the past weigh us down—and sometimes we don’t even know it!

But you know what our emotions are doing? They’re coming along and helping us realize, “Hey, it’s time to let go of that. It’s time to throw it out. You don’t need it any more.”

I realized this when I was pondering on the invisible tie I had to my parent’s home. I didn’t even know it was there! But once it was gone, I felt so relieved! So much lighter. Like I could move more easily and I could be happier. I know it sounds crazy. But it’s true.

So it got me wondering—what other moldy foods do I need to throw out? What other invisible connections and cords to things from my past will my emotions let me know about so I can progress and move forward?

SOLUTION: When it’s time to let something go, my emotions (and YOUR emotions) will let us know. Then all we have to do is find out what the message is in the emotion, and act on it!

Who knows? I sure don’t. At least not right now. But I have full confidence that my emotions will let me know when it’s time. And when that happens, I’ll write about it and let you know too.

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Want to get a jumpstart on the cleanse?

Do an inventory of your past. Press rewind and scan it like an old film. What memories stand out to you? Write them down. Let your goal to clean out linger throughout the day. If you are open and willing, thoughts will surface of what is ready to be released. They may seem like random memories coming to mind, but they are not! They are arising with a purpose.

Once you have a memory, recall it vividly. What emotion occurred from it? What category of main emotions does that fall under? (Fear? Anger? Sadness? More on this topic coming soon.)

Discover the message in the emotion. What is it telling you to do?Our emotions are always telling us to do something, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic.

Then, get’er done! Do it!

Let me know how it goes! Leave a comment below about the emotion you recognized and what it was telling you to do.

You got this. I know it. You were created with this capacity and power to recognize your emotions and act on their messages. They are a gift to you to help you break free from past garbage, limiting beliefs, and other moldy leftovers. So get a start on it now!

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