The Emotion Code book review

The Emotion Code is a self-help book written by holistic physician, lecturer, and founder of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson. This book is divided into four parts.

Part I introduces the concept of trapped emotions—emotions from our past that are not completely processed and become trapped within the physical body. This section is interlaced with an abundance of stories and testimonials. I found them very fascinating and convincing. It left me hopeful.

Part II is a discussion on energy, healing, magnets, intentions, and the main governing meridian. It’s a basic presentation of these things—a few paragraphs on each. Nothing too in depth. If you’re familiar with energy systems and energy healing, you will likely already know the content of this section. It is, however, a nice introduction for beginners in those areas.

Part III is the meat of the book: how to do The Emotion Code. This is excellent! It is a step-by-step description on how to muscle test, how to find trapped emotions, and then how to release said trapped emotions. It also presents information about heart walls (barriers we subconsciously build around our hearts) and proxy/distance healing.

Part IV is the finale of the book—a section dedicated to flowery words about life after trapped emotions. This is the part I disagreed with. Dr. Nelson’s approach is that we can choose our emotions and that we just need to have a positive focus in life. Based on my own life experiences, and the studying and learning I’ve done in recent years, I believe that we can not choose our emotions, (nor would we want to!), because they are messengers to us and they are trying to tell us something important that we need to do.

Aside from Part IV, this book is a valuable resource in learning how to find emotions from the past that we still carry. This emotional baggage is important to find and release, and The Emotion Code tells you exactly how to do just that. I’ve had a lot of success in uncovering my own trapped emotions, as well as trapped emotions in others (when given permission), and I have felt and seen the release, the break through of old habits and the new life that comes forth once those chains are set free. This is an invaluable book in helping do that.

P.S. You can read about a more detailed topic from Dr. Nelson in my post here: “INHERITED: Eye Color, Body Shape, Diseases, and Emotions!”

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