Are You a Real Superhero? Book Series

Not long ago, I realized the best way to teach my children about emotions’ messages would be through pictures and stories. It sure was tough trying to explain abstract, complex concepts to my six-year-old about boundaries!

PROBLEM: Children learn best by having visual pictures and images to help them understand complex concepts. But there isn’t anything like this out there for them to learn how to work through their emotions!

And because it’s important for all children to learn these concepts to help them with their own emotions, I decided to write a series of picture books. Each book features a separate emotion so that the readers can really focus on learning the questions and understanding the purpose of each specific emotion.

Not only do the books teach about emotions, but they are also a fun read—written in a choose-your-own-reaction format. So every young reader can realize that he or she has the power to choose for him or herself how he/she will react in the set of situations. Will he decide to throw a tantrum when he can’t tie his shoe? Will she yell “I can’t do anything right!” when the shoe keeps coming undone? Or will they choose to stop and ask themselves anger’s question: What do I need to do to restore my boundaries?

SOLUTION: Are You a Real Superhero? book series can teach children these vital lessons.

I’m so excited about these books! And what’s even more fun is that they are superhero themed—for we are the superheroes in our own lives, and emotions are our sidekicks to help us navigate this world. Will we listen to our sidekick Anger’s message? Will we acknowledge Sadness and her message to us?

What will you choose?

P.S. Clink on the “Gallery” tab to check out our budding collection of children’s artwork depicting their sidekicks! Or draw your own and send them over to me!

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